Follow Through Academy/ YMCA Summer Basketball Camp will take place at Libby Elementary and on the South Side of Chicago. The YMCA campers will receive elite basketball skills training from Coach Smith and Coach Farrow. They will learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball including conditioning, footwork, ball-handling, shooting, passing, defensive drills, rebounding, triple threat scrimmages and games. They will be taught the proper techniques of each skill. Kids will receive nutritious snacks and refreshments during cool down times. Camp participants will also have the opportunity to play on teams against other kids in the FTA camp.     

Flexpro Athletics


 Flexpro Athletics was established to bring cutting edge athletic and rehabilitation products to men, women, and children from all walks of life 

Righteous Ray-Ray


 The RRR Children's Book Series is based off of the character, Ray-Ray, and his group of friends in the 5th grade that experience adventures in and out of school. Standing up to bullies, showing appreciation for their community, having a good time being good-mannered kids and more is featured throughout the series. 

Ninth Wonder Foundation


 We are a Non- Profit Organization that specializes in motivating youth and adolescents by using the principles of sports to create a foundation that helps produce Hope, Perseverance and Self Confidence in their everyday lives.

We’ve traveled the world and want to continue to do so by reaching out to organizations and communities to help inspire their youth. We have camps, clinics, individual skill sessions and small group workouts for boys and girls who are looking to take their game to another level. We are not concerned about whether you are the best, we just want you to be YOUR best. 

Arcitec Basketball


Arcitec Basketball's mission is to design and oversee the construction of the complete athlete.

This elite camp is designed to increase athletes ability to dribble, shoot, pass, and defend by learning from professionals who have played at the highest levels. This camp is for determined players who want to push themselves to intensively train using an unique Arcitec blueprint both in camp and independently.